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Caring for your bed linen basics & essentials

Confused by bed linen care? Here's the run-down

washing guidelines

  • Always wash dark colours separately.
  • Always wash bed linen in a cool/warm machine wash separately before use. This is because your bed linen has been handled during manufacture and has been in a store environment and therefore may be dusty.
  • We recommend washing your bed linen separately as garments with buttons or zippers can damage delicate linens in the wash.
  • Always wash dark colours separately.
  • We recommend that you allow your washing machine to fill up and begin agitating before you add the washing powder/liquid.
  • Uneven fading and patchy colour can occur if detergent comes into direct contact with the bed linen.
  • When washing coloured bed linen, to avoid progressive colour fading, please use a detergent designed for coloureds.
  • Do not use a detergent containing brighteners as brighteners only brighten whites and can seriously affect the colour of the bed linen.
  • Removed washed bedding promptly from the machine; this helps reduce wrinkling.
  • To ensure the longevity of your bed linen, rotate your sheets with a set in the cupboard, a set on the bed and a set in the wash.

Drying guidelines

  • Shaking out your wet bed linen and pulling them out while they’re still a little damp will help to minimise wrinkles before drying.
  • Line drying bed linen is ideal, leaving it nearly wrinkle-free and smelling fresh.
  • Tumble drying on a low or medium heat is also suitable, however be sure to remove and fold bed linen promptly after drying to minimise creasing.
  • Do not over-dry your bed linen using a dryer setting that’s too hot.

Ironing guidelines

  • Washing and drying your bed linen properly will eliminate many wrinkles. However, 100% cotton fabrics do wrinkle, especially when new. As they become older and softer, you will find they wrinkle less.
  • To make ironing of 100% cotton bed linen easier, iron when slightly damp or dampen slightly or use the steam setting on your iron to smooth away creases.
  • Always iron on the reverse side of any embroidered fabric to prevent damage to the embroidery.

Colour guidelines

  • Bleach will remove the colour from your bed linen permanently. Some facial cleaners and skin treatments for acne contain Benzoyl peroxide, which has the same effect as bleach. Rinse hands and face thoroughly after using these products as the effect on the bed linen may not be apparent until after it has been washed. If you use these treatments on your skin at night, be sure to cover your pillow case with a white pillowcase or towel.

Storing bed linen

  • Store bed linen in a cool, dry closet or cupboard and be sure to leave room for air circulation. Line shelves if they are constructed of unfinished wood as they can eventually stain your linen.

Buying bed linen

  • If you have to wash your sheets more than once a week to keep them crisp and nice looking, it’s probably time to get new bed linen!